Alfie’s A Hundred Quotes (#016): Why The Colour of Love Changes

“Physical presence and a sincere personal dedication of love can alter a dull and bleak past, that happened in a couple’s relationship, to a bright and colourful life of being truly forever in love with each other in the future.”

Alfie Tilan


On: Why The Colour of Love Changes?

…because Love is Magic.

Love is a Mystery.

Love is Life.

Love Moves.

Love Hurts.

Love Inspires.

Love has endless meanings and has been heartily defined in poetry, even in a lot of songs.

A number of us may not agree (for some, they’re maybe right, and for others, they’re maybe wrong)…

but, for me, those who experienced love before can rightfully claim and define, in their own way, the TRUE meaning of LOVE, simply because they all have managed to FEEL it….

All of us have different views about love.

For some people, Love is about inspiration (i.e. they have a happy “lovelife”),

Unfortunately for others, love is a distraction; i.e., they can’t focus on other important things like career and family (parents, siblings, relatives) and friends because they’re more focused on their so-called “lovelife”.

However, and on the contrary, this is not a distraction for the positive thinkers who are in love because, for them, even if it’s “unrequited love”, it’s already a Blessing that they felt capable of being in love…and for others, in spite
of failed relationships and heartbreaks, being in love gave them more (colour to) life and more reasons to be excited on what’d the future bring.

There are still Millions of Reasons/Meanings/Situations where people describe LOVE in their own personal way… and I strongly agree that the meaning of love is not to be defined via textbook-like context that we find amongst many references
in circulation…

Love is not just a subject that has meanings, love is a feeling, love lets us extract a meaning as to why we’re living…and Love allows us to get excited on what the future brings.

For me, love is like a sense where I can get the chance to look back at the happy memories of my growing up years.

Note: this is a true story for me because this has sort of set me up for the ultimate happiness when Julie and I swore to each other, through marriage, our vows almost 22 years ago in 1997.

Just a side story, I can’t help but look back at my past experiences, in dealing with personal relationships, before when I was still a young and hopeless romantic bloke.

Unlike what the millennials’ daily routine these days, teenage life was so simple then. I never experienced letting hundreds of my friends know my daily status (happy, sad, or just simply naaahhh!) through any form of social media like
FB Instagram or Twitter now (oh, by the way, the words “social” and “media” where two separate “entities” and far from being combined into one powerful form of communication then). Anyway, the first reason why it was virtually impossible for me to communicate
to a hundred friends in a day is because I never had even a hundred friends (at one time) then. I could probably count close to 30 people (including classmates) as part of my circle of friends, and yeah, I never had the luxury to say “Hi” to all of them in
a span of less than a minute… but I can assure you, those times when we got to say “hi” to each other, were quality unadulterated happy moments…simply because we had those cherished meetings happen physically….i.e. seeing each other in person.

I can still paint the picture in my head of the infectious laughter that I adored from my friends’ faces, I can still hear the sound of their different tones through their sharing of own stories told to our group, and I can still feel the
diverse emotions that showed in their eyes as they went through the stories of ups and downs in life based on our own personal dealings away from each other.

As to how my story above relates to LOVE?

Well, expression of love can be done in so many ways (even from long distance), which is also to keep-in-pace with the latest technology that we can use in order to address the “physical absence” of our love one; e.g. the use of skype,
video messenger, etc..

However, there’s one big and major factor in keeping the love alive, 1.) the sense of touch though physical presence, and 2.) an exclusive/personal dedication of love.

First, is the sense of touch. Call me old-fashioned but sometimes, it’s better to go back to the basics in order to keep the expression of love more meaningful. Holding hands whilst looking at the bright stars, endless conversations whilst
her head rests on his shoulder, and a kiss goodnight to end a lovely day are priceless.

Second, an exclusive/personal dedication of love. I still maintain that, in a case where being away from each other (physically) is unavoidable (e.g. work related assignments), handwritten letters and notes are way better than text, email,
and messenger. Surely, “time” (letters from a love one can reach us in days) and “resources” (why spend money on stamps when Facetime is free) are of the essence here…. but love will always stand the test of time, and a couple’s love for each other bears no
cost at all since love is like their own treasure that’s worth investing for.

…and that my friends is my own explanation as to why the colour of Love changes…. physical presence and a sincere personal dedication of love can alter a dull and bleak past, that happened in a couple’s relationship, to a bright and colourful
life of being truly forever in love with each other in the future.

Alfie Tilan


Author: On Love, Family, and Life's Journey (by: Alfie Tilan)

I am a Professional Chartered Engineer who value Love (God), Family (my Wife, my two Children, plus of course all our relatives), Life (the Journey that go with all my life's events that can be deemed as the good, the bad, the not so bad, and more importantly, the lessons we take from all those experiences).

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