Alfie’s A Hundred Quotes (#018): The Warmth of Peace Through Cold Silence

“Is it just me overreacting or there are simply people in this world who are insensitive without them even knowing it.”

-Alfie Tilan



Is it a normal feeling to get overwhelmed by the extremities of (still) figuring out how on earth can I change my perception about life in a period where everything else appear to be falling into place…?

…and then there are times when I talk to myself with the littlest reality “face-pinch” questioning myself if I’m dreaming or not?

You see, I am by the way, the expressive type of a person.

I always believe that I deserve to let go of my emotions bit by implicating bit… I shout, I laugh, I cry… I talk, I write (poems, rants, blog, post in social media), I sing, i dance…

The last few weeks, however, are different… I chose to remain at peace with myself and my family… stayed focus at work on daytime… and simply relax at 中国体彩官方app下载安卓 at night and looked forward to family time.

I wouldn’t say that I have disconnected myself to the normal world these past few weeks because of the realization that having one’s “normal days” is subjective.

There were a few times, whilst having conversations with friends, when I attributed my “silence” to being older and into this (overused phrase) sign of ageing.

Is it just me overreacting or there are simply people in this world who are insensitive without them even knowing it?

I can think of a few instances or cases wherein I easily got irritated because of the way some people around me distracted my “peace and sense of enjoyment”.

Case #1: In a tennis grandslam tournament quarterfinals, I was watching this intense match live in the arena, and tournament favourite Rafael Nadal was serving for the match… and for most people, capturing the final dagger to Nadal’s opponent, from their phone, will be a great souvenir. I had fellow ecpectators taking videos in anticipation of a match-clinching point…there’s really nothing wrong with that but for heaven’s sake, turn off the flash from your camera that disturbs views from spectators nearby, and besides, it (camera flash) wouldn’t serve it’s purpose anyway in a well lit arena.

Case#2: In a seminar where a well-known figure is conducting his speech, some people can’t help but take photos of him during the speech. Okay, there’s nothing wrong with that, but (again!), those irritating sounds coming from a cellphone camera somewhat disturbed my peace and distracted my listening pleasure and missed some sensible highlights of the speech….turn that camera sound off please!

Case#3: I’m a regular “中国体彩官方app下载安卓-work-中国体彩官方app下载安卓” train commuter.

I love the silence especially on morning commutes. I don’t mind those people having conversations loud enough for most fellow passengers to hear, but what I can’t tolerate are those who listen music through their earphones. The sound setting probably is in full volume, or the earphones’ quality are so poor that people around them can hear their music “loud enough”, and regardless if i also like the music coming out from those headphones…for me it’s a NOISE. It’s like a bee is buzzing around my ear the whole time.

Turn the volume down please!

Are these cases the obvious signs that I’m turning out to be a grumpy old man at 50?

I just hate being in a situation wherein i can’t do anything to address the things that annoy me without getting into an argument or something.

Unlike the first 2 cases wherein I can’t find a solution without having a confrontation, the 3rd Case was addressed by “joining the club” of music listening train commuters. I started bringing my own earphones to listen to “my kind of music” from my phone…

Well, it’s not as “peaceful” as I want it to be (because my kind of “peace” is being “in one” with nature and not througj man-made alternatives), but eliminating the noise that annoys you in lieu of listening to music that you like is enough to bring comfort to my train travel times.

Having said that, I always look forward to moments of embracing what wondrous nature offer us consistently (the fresh air we breath, the beautiful views we see, the natural sounds we hear, and the glorious sunlight we feel)…… away from the noise of gadgets and shielded away from the toxic we see and hear from people seem to got used to spreading the unwanted vibes created through social media… and yeah, even in person (without them knowing it).

So, obviously this blog post is a sign that I’m back in social media, not to counter those toxic posts that we see everyday…but to be, at least, positive with everything that I post and within the bounds of what i can control.

Yes, I can say that I am truly overwhelmed by all the Blessings God has given me and my family.. and yet I still long for those “little” request of PEACE that I attribute to being a grumpy aging man… and you’re probably saying out loud that I am spreading toxicity in the minds of all those who read this blog (because of my being “grumpy” with those little things that annoy me), but hey, this is reality, no one will know if you’re causing annoyance to someone, unless you get reminded (read: awareness), that what you may think as normal to you naybe a distraction to others… start with self-respect but be mindful and always give respect to others around you…

Respect, by the way, is not exclusive to any particular age, it covers all people… from anyone who acts like a baby, to a “grumpy 50-year old” like me.

– Alfie Tilan


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