Alfie’s A Hundred Quotes (#019): Spontaneity

In major decisions of our life, sometimes we have to take the risk, but we always have to be true to ourselves.

-Alfie Tilan


“I’m freezing in the sun
I’m burning in the rain..
the silence, I’m screaming, calling out your name”…
-by: Champ Lui Pio of the band “Hale”, from the song, “The Day You Said Goodnight”.

If only life can tell us specifically what are those many ironies and uncertainties as we live the path that we chose to go to…

…then the (good or bad) surprises along the journey, will probably have little genuine effects on us because we will always be on guard, teeming with anticipation on what’s about to take place in our life.

When I was still in high school my best friend Nazer and I “learned” about what spontaneity in life’s all about… yes, we’ve learned about the word but never truly in a position to say that we’ve experienced anything “spontaneous” that made us extremely happy or sad, because we didn’t get the “luxury” to anticipate the next stage of our life.

I never prayed, never wished, and never wanted to have the luxury of knowing “what is life to offer me, when I grow old” (from the song “Next In Line” by After Image)… I never long to be given the warning that something bad will happen or something great will transpire in an event that I’m set to attend to because it will always be a deciding factor if I will still go to that event or not.

Way back in my high school and university days I never held back on expressing my feelings especially if I was truly “crushing” on someone.

Perhaps, the lyrics of this great song released in 1982 by David Pomeranz entitled “Got To Believe in Magic” has somewhat influenced my outlook about true feeling’s expression…
“Pity those who wait, trust in love to faith, finding out too late that they’ve lost it.
Never letting go, they will never know the ways of love”

In major decisions of our life, sometimes we have to take the risk, but we always have to be true to ourselves.

Where am I headed with this post?

I would like to thank my wife Julie because she took the risk of officially accepting me as her boyfriend EXACTLY 25 years ago today.

November 17, 1994, Julie said yes when I asked her if I can be her boyfriend.

It was one of the happiest moments in my life…and much much more 25 years later…

We celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary, September of this year, but it wouldn’t have come to be without first going through the boyfriend/girlfriend stage of our relationship.

(It would be more fitting though if you can reserve your “Happy Anniversary” greetings to us every 20th of September, the date of our wedding anniversary… and not on this date, 17th of November).

Yes, in more than a quarter of a century of being in love with each other, reality always set in: God will always give us challenges along the way, only to realize that those challenges will make our relationship stronger……and figuratively speaking, Julie and I have experienced “freezing in the sun, and burning in the rain”… but calling on God’s Guidance and Blessings will always be our our shield towards eternity.

Thank you my Labidabs, I thank God for giving you the gift of “spontaneity” when you accepted my Love 25 years ago today… the length of time of being together is not a true measurement or assurance that every step that we take will lead to happiness and pleasure… and having said that,
herewith also is my sincere apologies…I am truly sorry if I sometimes fail your expectations towards me…in the last 25 years…and counting…rest assured that I am, and will always be the very much Forever in Love Alfie that you said yes to 25 years ago today.

Yes, today may not be our official anniversary but today is the start why we have started looking forward to all the days of being together focused on our love to each other and not the unpleasant spontaneous things that we encounter along the way towards JulFie’s Love Journey.

Again, thank you very much, and I love you forever My Labidabs…

Alfie Tilan

Author: On Love, Family, and Life's Journey (by: Alfie Tilan)

I am a Professional Chartered Engineer who value Love (God), Family (my Wife, my two Children, plus of course all our relatives), Life (the Journey that go with all my life's events that can be deemed as the good, the bad, the not so bad, and more importantly, the lessons we take from all those experiences).

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