About Love, Family, & Life’s Journey

Above all is GOD; The Kingdom, The Power, and The Glory. This personal site wouldn’t have been made without HIM.

…and if you ever wonder why FAITH is not in here, it’s because I do reckon that LOVE covers all faith that all people have in them. In my opinion we cannot have faith if we don’t know how to love…

LOVE is such a broad topic that’s why I try to avoid explaining its meaning… I just feel LOVE, give/share LOVE, and be amazed of what LOVE can truly do in each one of us, including our family.

FAMILY is like life for me… my source of strength my inspiration; and as I write this, I simply couldn’t see myself functioning without my wife Julie, my daughter Elisha, and my son Edgel. It’s like, “in everything that I do I always have to consider my family too”. This is why LOVE and FAMILY are the basic ingredients a person must have towards his own Life’s Journey.

LIFE’S JOURNEY is about our own journey. We embrace them, we face them, we grab them by the horns, we learn from them, and we share them.

All the topics shared in this site are based on LOVE, FAMILY, and (MY) LIFE’S JOURNEY, and the topics here may not be perfectly written (well, I can always have this excuse that “I’m a Chartered Engineer, not a Professional Writer…hahaha)… but I assure you, they all come from the bottom of my heart, and just for that basis alone I own these topics as PRICELESS!